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Dodo-Sac Model Nounourse Anthony
Sleeping bags for infants & toddlers
Your baby will finally sleep all through the night and will not
wake you up crying because he feels cold.  Once your child
sleeps in a Dodo-Sac, she will not go to sleep or fall asleep
without it !  Save money on bedding until they switch beds.

Just dress your baby as you would for sleep (light or
medium sleeper) in this sleeping bag made out of
polar fleece or light stretch cotton.

View our spring/summer patterns and our winter patterns.

Dodo-Sac is
handmade in Ottawa/Gatineau (Canada)  
with the loving help of a grandma (my mother).  The quality
of the work is excellent and meticulously sewn.
Welcome to Dodo-Sac

The best sleep sack solution

Keeps Mommy in bed.....Keeps Baby in bed and warm!!

  • May reduce SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)  ** Important **

  • Replaces loose bedding

  • Baby/toddler can’t kick off their blanket

  • Baby/toddler stays covered all night

  • Keeps baby/toddler warm and safe all night

  • Sleeveless design helps prevent overheating

  • Full cut for comfort and ease of movement, will not get twisted

  • Elastic at the waist for a better, secure fit

  • Keeps them warm even when wet

  • Delays child from trying to climb out of the crib  ** Great **

  • Easy care fabric - polar fleece or light stretch cotton

  • Custom sizes available and great selection of fun prints
Here are the advantages of wearing a Dodo-Sac :

Sleep ...such an important part of our lives as moms!!  And
too often both mommy and child don't get enough of it!!

What is a Dodo-Sac sleep sack?

It looks like a sleeping bag or bunting bag which replaces
the blanket and moves with the baby throughout the night.

The concept started in Europe at least 15 years ago and
has finally arrived in North America.  I named my product
Dodo-Sac since "dodo" in French means sleep and "sac"  
is for bag or sack.
 The Dodo-Sac is only intended to be
used or worn by a child
inside a crib, playpen or other
similar products for safety reason.
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Disclaimer : The Dodo-Sac is only intended to be used or worn by a child inside a crib, playpen or other similar
products. Therefore, caution must be exercised as this product  can impede your child’s balance if he or she stands up in
the crib, playpen or other similar products.  Under no circumstances will Dodo-Sac be responsible or liable for any
special, incidental or consequential damages or injury, of any sort, however caused.