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Sleeping bags for infants & toddlers

Our Dodo-Sac baby clients

The best sleep sack solution

Keeps Mommy in bed.....Keeps Baby in bed and warm!!
Our clients are very happy to show their little bundle of joy in their Dodo-Sac.

Here are a few
Our Dodo-Sac is absolutely fantastic!
We love everything about it. It's roomy,
easy to use,
good the
fabric is as cute as can be!
The Lightweight Summer Dodo-Sac is
definitely the
best sleep sac I've ever
used during the hotter summer months.
It's very
lightweight, yet still keeps
your little one covered!

I give Dodo-Sac a double thumbs up!
Emily from Ottawa, Ontario

The dodo-sac is cozy and warm.
We do not have to worry about her
kicking off any covers and getting

It also
prevents her from climbing
of the crib.  Well made!
Emily from Saskatchewan
1 year old
The Dodo-Sac came at the right time for us. Our son was transitioning out of swaddling, moving around a
lot in his crib and
beginning to kick blankets off in the night. We live in an older home that is not well
insulated, nighttime temperatures can dip and we wanted to be sure that our son was
covered as well as
possible. Now, even if he manages to kick off the blanket, which is hard to do when wearing the
Dodo-Sac, he
is still

We have been so pleased with the success of the Dodo-Sac that we have bought three as
gifts for friends
having babies. The prices Rejane charges are
reasonable and the quality of the sacs are good. We are very
grateful to find Rejane and her business.

                                                                Merydth Holte-McKenzie
                                                                Ottawa, Ontario
Our son loves his dodo-sac! We love it too!
In the
winter time we like to keep the house a little cooler, and before I had to
get up many times every night to make sure he was covered with his blankets.
Whenever I go in his room to check on him now, he is
always nice and warm -
he looks so
cozy! Makes me wish I could have one too! ;-)

I'm thinking it will also be nice for the
summer since we like to open the windows
and let the
fresh air inside his room and that means he will need to be covered
all the same.
I can see that our son likes the comfort because he does not
seem to be in any hurry to take it off in the morning, his little feet are always nice
an toasty…makes me feel like
I can sleep through the night and still be a
good mom!
Baby boy from Aylmer, Quebec
19 months
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Thomas from Ottawa, Ontario
2 1/2 months old

Thomas is relaxing and playing.  I think it's great to put his Dodo-Sac on him
while he's
having a nice play time in his crib .
It can be pretty chilly "down there" and we don't notice because we're "up here".  
Mackenzie from Alberta
12 months old
When Mackenzie was born a family friend gave us a Dodo-Sac as
a gift and she's been wearing it every night since she was about
months old
. Since then the seasons have changed and we've
ordered a few more to account for the
warmer weather.
Mackenzie loves her Dodo-Sac. Just as she picks up and hugs
her favorite teddy bear she'll carry her Dodo-Sac around the
house.  The
Dodo-Sac is wonderful: baby doesn't kick-off her
covers or
get tangled up in them. We have recommended the
Dodo-Sac to many of our friends who are also new parents.
Mackenzie from Alberta in her winter Dodo-Sac
8 months
Mackenzie from Alberta in her summer Dodo-Sac
Almost 12 months
Micaele from Ottawa, Ontario
7 months
I am so happy to have found the Dodo-Sac!! I
had been looking for a
lightweight sleep sac
for a long time, but found
other brands to be
so expensive
and not very creative with their
designs and fabrics. Micaele's first Dodo-Sac
(as I plan to get others) is beautiful and just
what she needed for the summer months. The

fit of the suit
is much better than others,
tailored at the waist but roomy in the
. I don't have to worry about Micaele
kicking the blankets off, or
standing up in
her crib
in the middle of the night. The extra
bonus is that it is '
Made in Canada.'

Thanks, Rejane!
Joshua from Kanata, Ontario
in a fall Dodo-Sac (18 months old)

I recently bought two Dodo-Sacs for my son
and I
LOVE THEM!  The Dodo-Sac sacks are
so useful - keeping my son both
safe and
warm all at the same time.
 He was 1.5 when
these photos were taken, but we are still using
them at age 2 and plan to until he is in a big
boy bed.  They help him
stay safe in his crib
he can't climb out!  I have not found a
comparable product out there.  These are
well made
and I love how I could tailor them
to my son.
I will highly recommend these to
Thank you SO MUCH.