Spring and Summer dodo-sac

Handmade locally in Ottawa/Canada
Custom sizes available
Handmade with love and meticulous care by my mother and me
Gift certificates available
Sleeping bags for infants & toddlers
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a great selection and variety of sleep sacks.
You have the choice of a spring/summer Dodo-Sac or a winter
Dodo-Sac.  Our spring/summer sleep sacks are very popular in
daycares and also very useful during very hot summer days.  The
intermediate weight is practical during the spring or during the
summer when air conditioning is in use.  

Winter Dodo-Sac are made of 100% polyester.
Spring or summer models can vary between 100% cotton, mix of
cotton/spandex or printed cotton blend interlock stretch knit.
View the purple chart below to help you select the right size.
How to measure and select the right size for your child.
Max height is the measurement from the child's shoulders to his heels (important).

4 sizes - 2 seasons available (Spring/Summer or Winter).
0 - 6 months
Max height : 25 " / 64 cm
C$ 30
6- 12 months
Max height : 29 " / 74 cm
C$ 35
12 - 18 months
Max height : 33" / 84 cm
C$ 40
12 - 18 - 30 months
Max height : 37" / 94 cm
C$ 45
Summer&Spring dodo-sac
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The best sleep sack solution

Keeps Mommy in bed.....Keeps Baby in bed and warm!!
Dodo-Sac may impede your child's balance when standing up in the crib.  Under no circumstances will Dodo-Sac be responsible or liable for any special, incidental, or
consequential damages or injury, of any sort, however caused.
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